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NFC Shield V2.0

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  • NFC(Near Field Communication) is one of the near field communication protocoles. This system which we use a lot in our daily lifes, is used commonly in mobile payment and access control systems.

    This Arduino Shield which is designed to give you possibility to do various NFC applications, supports P2P and Ndef applications and ISO14443 NFC card protocoles. It provides communication between near (5cm) devices. It is possible to do, communication between NFC featured mobile devices in Ndef format, two Arduino with NFC shield and write to and read from NFC cards, with the shield.

    This board is based on PN532 traseiver module, oparetes in 13,56 Mhz frequency band. Communication between Arduino and NFC Shield is made through SPI.

    Connection between antenna and shield is made with U.FL cable. Hereby if you are using circuit box, you can montage the antenna in the box.

    • 5 cm communication distance
    • SPI interface
    • Operates with Arduino Uno, Mega and Leonardo
    • Communication frequency is13.56 MHz
    • Supports P2P communication
    • Supports Ndef formatted communication
    • Supports ISO14443 Type A and Type B protocoles

    P.S: Arduino connection headers on board are sent with the product and they are not soldered.


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