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Speed ​​Controller for Hobbywing Xrotor 20A Multicopter XRT20W - Drone ESC

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  • Speed ​​Controller for Hobbywing Xrotor 20A Multicopter XRT20W - Drone ESC

    ESC is short for Electronic Speed ​​Control. It is used in vehicles such as RC model cars, boats, airplanes, helicopters that work with electric motors. For example, ESC is connected to the control receiver on the model car. It moves or stops the car by transmitting the gas and brake signals from the control to the engine. When we press the gas or the brake, it manages the electricity that will go to the engine and makes the engine work. Thanks to ESC, the vehicle can perform acceleration, deceleration, stopping and reversing functions by responding more or less according to the way we press the gas or brake.

    Considerations in Using ESC


    No batteries should be connected to the ESC motor output cables.

    Pay attention to the positive and negative poles at the ESC battery input. Reverse polarity connection will cause the ESC to fail.

    ESCs should be used within their technical limits. 

    Before giving electricity to the ESC; It should be ensured that the connections are correct, that the appropriate motor and eastern battery voltage is used, and that there is no short circuit.

    Speed ​​Controller for Hobbywing Xrotor 20A Multicopter XRT20W - Drone ESC Specifications

    Continuous maximum current: 20A

    Instant maximum current: 30A (10sn.)

    Lipo: 3-4S

    Weight: 18.5g

    Dimensions: 42x21.6x12mm

    Connector Type: Φ3.5mm Gold Connektör x 3

    Throttle signal support: 621Hz+

    Internal Resistance: Very Low 

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