Motor Shield V2.0 - Arduino Motor Driver Shield

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  • Motor Shield V2.0 is a full bridge motor driver based on L298 motor driver IC. It can drive two seperate 2A DC motors or one 2A step motor. You can control speed and direction of motor independently. You can use your motors at maximum performance for a long time with passive cooler on board.

    Technical Features:
    • Operating Voltage: 7V-12V
    • Motor Controller: L298 drives 2 DC motors or 1 step motor
    • Max. Current: 2A on each channel (with external feed)

    Motor Shield should only be feeded through an external source. Because L298 IC has two seperate power connections, one is for logic and other one is for motor feeding. Necessary motor current mostly will be above the max. current that usb can give.

    External feeding can be given with adapter or battery. Hence Arduino's Vin pin and motor shield's Vin pin are not connected, adapter should be connected to Power Jack screw terminals on driver -must be carefull about polarity-, 2.1mm centre positive power socket on Arduino.

    Driver has its own 5V regulator on itself. Therefore voltage between 7V-12V which is connected to Power Jack screw terminal on driver, can be stepped down to 5V with regulator on driver and Arduino gets its power from here. In this way, there is no need to use two different power source. MB_EN jumper on driver should always be connected.


    Shield Type
    Motor Driver
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