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  • "How did people communicate in the old days? What communication method was used before the telephone was found? ".

    Learn circuit setup.
    Hand and eye coordination develops.
    It recognizes electronic circuit elements such as LED, buzzer, resistance, battery.
    Sequential assembly skill gains.
    Morse has information about the coding language. He will be willing to communicate by typing his own codes.
    It develops innovative thinking and problem solving skills.
    "I can do it, too." Building empathy, not producing, consuming, producing individuals.

    At the end of the experience, the children will play with the "Morse Code" they produce.
    Our product is not industrial. Problem solving is among our ultimate goals. When "Morse Code" is corrupted, we aim to find a solution to the problem, to try to repair it. We want to cut the cable when there is no contact, lift the jumper at the end of the cable, and repair the connection itself.
    We used wood as the main body when we arrived. We want our students to do different Morse Codes using Morse Code differentiation, hacking and other materials.
    By using other materials instead of the wooden body, we want the product to observe the working condition. By doing - we are moving from the principle of survival to learning by living and experimenting. E.g; we want to see the situation of the student who has experienced seesaw and to link it to the result.
    We are people who are problem-minded, and we want our students to tackle problem solving in the parent / mentor relationship in order to solve problems in our products.

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