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  • MinimOSD is an on-screen display module that can embed the telemetry information like battery voltage, distance to home, speed etc. to the FPV video link.

    You can use this board by connecting in between your FPV video transmitter and your camera. By doing that, you can fly comfortably without the need to look to your transmitters screen. The board uses ATmega328P for main microprocessor and MAX7456 video processing IC. Factory default firmware is MAVLink (compatible with APM - ArduPilot Mega), but you can change the firmware using a USB to serial adapter (like FTDI) to use with boards like CC3D, Naze32 (Cleanflight) and MultiWii.


    • Voltages: 5V (FTDI connector), 12V (video connectors)
    • Main microprocessor: ATmega328P
    • Video processor: MAX7456
    • 5V/500mA DC-DC regulator (to supply MAX7456)
    • NTSC and PAL compatible
    • Dimensions: 19mmx39mm (without connectors)
    • Weight: ~6gr (including cables)

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