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Mini Starter Kit

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  • Mini Starter Kit

    Makey is an electronic building block developed by Karınca Lab so that people can easily learn electronics and coding and use them in their own projects and designs. Each block fulfills a specific electronic function and allows for more complex systems and designs by easily combining with its magnetic structure. Thanks to its structure compatible with Lego, more detailed and mechanical and design structures can be easily created. It can also be programmed wirelessly via mobile devices with the Makey programming interface. With its drag and drop structure, it gives people the ability to set up algorithms and logical thinking. In today's world where technology spreads to every aspect of life, it provides the necessary infrastructure in the best way to prepare individuals for life.

    An ideal kit to learn how Makey works with a few simple projects. Thanks to the DC Motor it contains, you can step into the world of Maker by doing animated projects.

    Kit Contents:

    • 1pc Power
    • 1 Slide Pot
    • 1pc Fat RGB
    • 1 DC Motor
    • 1 Piece Cable


    • 1 9V Battery
    • 1x 9V Battery Cable
    • 1 Piece Wheel
    • 2 Motor Adapters
    • 2 Platform Adapters
    • 2 Pieces of Colored Wooden Sticks
    • 4 Sticky Dough
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