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Mechanical Clamp - D.I.Y

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  • MindioBOX Mechanical Clamp

    Little engineers at work!

    • What is the working principle of a robotic arm?
    • Does the shape and weight of the material to be gripped affect the grip?
    • How can I make changes to the design to strengthen the grip of the robot arm?

    Get ready to explore the working principles of simple machines, the properties of springs and the concept of force as you assemble the specially designed parts while building the mechanical gripper. Enrich your experience by changing the positions and angles of the pieces.


    Benefits of MindioBOX Stem Sets for Children:

    • The ability to follow directions, pay attention and concentrate develops.
    • Develops the ability to establish cause-effect relationships.
    • An infrastructure that can make technological design is formed.
    • Understands the properties of materials and movement mechanisms of objects.
    • It significantly increases creativity and analytical thinking skills.
    • Develops hand-eye coordination and muscle skills.
    • It makes learning permanent.




    What is The Aim of This Box For Children to Learn?

    • It can explain that a greater "output" force can be obtained than the "input" force applied using a simple machine.
    • Explain how the direction of a force can be changed.
    • It can explain that the benefit of simple machines is to provide ease of doing work by gaining only force or only path.
    • It can explain that the center of gravity can change if the angle of the crane arm changes.
    • It can explain that the pulleys used in the crane model are fixed pulleys.


    MindioBOX Mechanical Clamp Package Contents:

    • Wooden Parts
    • Plastic Parts
    • Rope
    • Installation Guide


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