mbed - LPC1768 (Cortex-M3)

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  • mbed is a development board which has ARM processor architecture. Board provides simple usage with it's small shape and breadboard compatible pin structure.

    mbed board, which has 40-pin 0.1" standard header, can be integrated to breadboard and printed circuits easily. Board has USB, SPI, I2C, CAN, Ethernet and UART connection interfaces. Loading program to board is as simple as send file to USB flash memory.
    Board has a web based compiler, so it can be used smoothly with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. Board supports C++ and you can reach a lot of library easily.
    Dimensions: 44mm x 26mm
    Technical Features:
    • 40-pins DIP, 0.1" practical design with header connection
    • Drag drop property ensures easy program loading
    • Cortex M3 hardware:
      • 100 MHz clock frequency, 64KB SRAM, 512KB flash memory
      • Ethernet and USB OTG connection
      • Supports SPI, I2C, UART and CAN communication protocols.
      • GPIO, PWM, ADC and DAC connections
    • Handy web based development environment:
      • Web based C/C++ compiler
      • ARM RealView compiler motor
      • Development with API based intuitive interface
      • Extensive help and online support
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