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mbed Implementation Board

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  • Through this credit cart-sized board, which you can use with mbed - LPC1768 development board , prototyping is very easy now!

    Plug LPC1768 modul to headers and improve your implementations with 128x32 LCD, 5 way joystick, MEMS accelerometer, temperature sensor and other moduls. There is a line of header next to connection pins of mbed modul, so you can make external connections with all of pins.
    All pin numbers and connections are written on board. Through this, there is no necessary to check adress of components like sensors from connection manual all the time.
    Kit includes only implementation board. You must buy mbed board seperately.
    • Double line header for LPC1768 modul connection
    • 128x32 graphics LCD screen (SPI interface)
    • 3-axis accelerometer, +/- 1.5g, I2C interface
    • Temperature sensor (I2C interface)
    • 5 way joystick
    • 2 potantiometer, (connected to analog input)
    • RGB LED,(connected to PWM output)
    • Small Speaker, (connected to PWM output)
    • Connection header for XBee moduls
    • 2 3.5mm stereo jack, (connected to analog I/O)
    • 2 standard servo connection, (connected to PWM outputs)
    • Mini-USB port for keyboard, mouse and MIDI keyboard
    • USB-A port for Flash memory, bluetooth, etc.
    • USB host/device choice switch
    • RJ-45 Ethernet connector
    • 1.3mm 6-9V DC voltage input (supplies USB-A and servo)

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