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  • The best way to start becoming a Maker! The simplest way to get familiar with MAKEY modules. Wait no more and create your own designs!

    Makey 2.0 Introduction Video

    What is Makey?
    Makey, is a electronic building platform designed by Karınca Lab for people to easily learn electronics and coding. Each block has its own electronic purpose and can connect easily with magnets to build more complicated structures and designs. Pieces are Lego compatible, so the mechanical design possibilities are limitless. Also, Makey can be programmed using mobile devices. Easy drag-n-drop building structure teaches algorithmic thinking.

    What is Starter Kit?
    To understand MAKEY modules and the system, you can choose Starter Kit. It has all the essential pieces for anyone to build electronic circuits and systems.

    Kit Contents
    - 1 x Power
    - 1 x Fat LED
    - 1 x Noise
    - 1 x Button
    - 1 x Light Sensor
    - 1 x Cable
    - 1 x DC Motor
    - 1 x Square Wave

    - 1 x Battery
    - 1 x Wheel
    - 1 x Tyre
    - 1 x Screwdriver
    - 2 x Motor Adapter
    - 2 x Platform Adapter

    Starter User Handbook

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