K150 PIC Programmer

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  • Through this programming board, you can program your PIC microcontollers without a external power supply. With 40-pins ZIF socket and ICSP connection, you can program your microcontroller via this header. You don't have to take out microcontroller from circuit.

    A CD is available at the package. CD includes required program software and driver of the board.

    10 Series:
    PIC10F200 * PIC10F202 * PIC10F204 * PIC10F206 *
    PIC10F220 * PIC10F222 *

    12C Series:
    PIC12C508    PIC12C508A  PIC12C509    PIC12C509A
    PIC12C671    PIC12C672    PIC12CE518  PIC12CE519
    PIC12CE673 PIC12CE674

    12F Series:
    PIC12F508  PIC12F509  PIC12F629  PIC12F635
    PIC12F675  PIC12F683

    16C Series:
    PIC16C505    PIC16C554   PIC16C558      PIC16C61
    PIC16C62      PIC16C62A   PIC16C62B     PIC16C63
    PIC16C63A    PIC 16C64    PIC16C64A     PIC16C65
    PIC16C65A    PIC16C65B   PIC16C66       PIC16C66A
    PIC16C67      PIC16C620   PIC16C620A   PIC16C621
    PIC16C621A  PIC16C622   PIC16C622A   PIC16C71
    PIC16C71A    PIC16C72     PIC16C72A     PIC16C73
    PIC16C73A    PIC16C73B   PIC16C74       PIC16C74A
    PIC16C74B    PIC16C76     PIC16C77       PIC16C710
    PIC16C711     PIC16C712   PIC16C716     PIC16C745
    PIC16C765     PIC16C773   PIC16C774     PIC16C83

    16F Series:
    PIC16F505      PIC16F506       PIC16F54          PIC16F57 *
    PIC16F59 *      PIC16F627       PIC16LF627A    PIC16F627A
    PIC16F628      PIC16LF628A   PIC16F628A      PIC16F630
    PIC16F631      PIC16F631-1    PIC16F636        PIC16F636-1
    PIC16F639 *    PIC16F639-1 * PIC16F648A      PIC16F676
    PIC16F677      PIC16F677-1    PIC16F684        PIC16F685 *
    PIC16F685-1 *PIC16F687 *     PIC16F687 *- 1  PIC16F688
    PIC16F689 *   PIC16F689-1 *  PIC16F690 *      PIC16F690-1 *
    PIC16F716     PIC16F72          PIC16F73          PIC16F74
    PIC16F76       PIC16F77          PIC16F737        PIC16F747
    PIC16F767     PIC16F777        PIC16F83          PIC16F84
    PIC16F84A     PIC16F87          PIC16F88          PIC16F818
    PIC16F819     PIC16F870        PIC16F871        PIC16F872
    PIC16F873     PIC16F873A      PIC16LF873A    PIC16F874
    PIC16F874A   PIC16F876        PIC16F876A      PIC16F877

    18 Series:
    PIC18F242    PIC18F248    PIC18F252    PIC18F258    PIC18F442    PIC18F448
    PIC18F452    PIC18F458    PIC18F1220  PIC18F1320  PIC18F2220  PIC18F2320
    PIC18F2321  PIC18F4210  PIC18F2331  PIC18F2450  PIC18F2455  PIC18F2480
    PIC18F2510  PIC18F2515  PIC18F2520  PIC18F2525  PIC18F2550  PIC18F2580
    PIC18F2585  PIC18F2610  PIC18F2620  PIC18F2680  PIC18F4220  PIC18F4320
    PIC18F6525  PIC18F6621  PIC18F8525  PIC18F8621  PIC18F2331  PIC18F2431
    PIC18F4331  PIC18F4431  PIC18F2455  PIC18F2550  PIC18F4455  PIC18F4550
    PIC18F4580  PIC18F2580  PIC18F2420  PIC18F2520  PIC18F2620  PIC18F6520
    PIC18F6620  PIC18F6720  PIC18F6585  PIC18F6680  PIC18F8585  PIC18F8680
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