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Grove - Temperature & Humidity Sensor Pro

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  • This sensor is a high accuracy Temperature and Humidity sensor based on the DHT22 module (also known as AM2302 or RHT03). High cost performance and high precision make it ideal for temperature and humidity monitoring of Arduino and Raspberry Pi, you can also use it to make a thermometer and hygrometer.
    The DHT22 includes a capacitive humidity sensor and a high precision temperature sensor. The range of humidity sensor is 0 to 99.9 %RH with ±2% accuracy while the temperature sensor ranges from -40 to 80℃ with ±0.5℃ accuracy. With the help of a built-in 8-bit microcontroller, the DHT22 converts the analog output of those two sensors to the digital signal, and output both temperature and humidity data via a single pin.
    Compared with the DHT11, this product has higher precision and wider measurement range, but the usage and code are almost the same. Simply put, if you need higher measurement accuracy, this product will be a better choice; if you need a higher price/performance ratio, then Grove - Temperature & Humidity Sensor (DHT11) may be more appropriate. The figure below lists the main differences between the two:
    DHT22 VS DHT11
    DHT22 VS. DHT11
    All in all, DHT22 is an excellent low-cost temperature and humidity module, so we made this DHT22 breakout board with Grove connector. Now it even becomes more convenient to use. Just plug and play with your Seeeduino or Grove compatible shield.


    • High temperature and humidity measurement accuracy
    • Wide range of temperature and humidity measurement
    • Ultra low power consumption
    • 20-meter signal transmission distance
    • Factory calibrated, easy to use


    • Environmental monitoring
    • Thermometer and hygrometer
    • Dehumidifier

    Hardware Overview 

    grove dht22 pinout

    Technical details

    Dimensions 40mm x20mm x11mm
    Weight G.W 11g
    Battery Exclude

    Part List

    Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor Pro  X1
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