Flame Sensor - 11036

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  • Flame sensor can be used for detect light waves which have wavelength between 760-1100nm. Sensor has 60 view angle. Sensitivity can be configurated via internal trimpots. When the flame is detected, blue LED turns on. On board RJ25 socket is black labeled, so this socket must be plugged to the one of the sockets of board which has the same label.

    • Can detect flame up to 1m from 5 cm distant.
    • Sensitivity can be configured with internal trimpot.
    • Reverse polar voltage protection.
    • Connection holes Makeblock pieces
    • Easy connection with RJ25 connection socket
    • Digital and analog signal outputs
    • Through 0.1" header connections, can be used with jumpers
    • Operation Voltage: 5V
    • Detection Range: 840-1200nm
    • View Angle : 60°
    • Feedback Time: 15μ
    • Operation Temperature: -25℃~80℃ (Do not approach to the flame)
    • Dimensions: 51x24x18mm

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