Esun Polymorph 250gr

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  • Polymorph is a useful super plastic that can be shaped by hands. It does not contain toxic and is possible to use it again and again. It is possible to use this for anything as its super power. If your are trying to fix something or to build more complex projects, Polymorph is just for you.

    Preparing Polymorph takes just a few minutes and it does not require special equipment. Put some Polymorph solder into a container plate full of hot water.. It will transform into flexible and tranparent from from solid plastic form in two minutes. Then, take the polymorph from the water carefully, wait a while and give a shape by your hands. When your shape is ready put it into another container full of cold water and watch how it solidifies.

    The best side of the polymorph is being re-usable. If you did not like what you have built, basically again, put into hot water and start from the first point. You are free to use it again and again. Polymorph is very strong once it got cold. Meanwhile is harmless, this meand ypu can use it around the kitchen safely.
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