Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver compatible with Arduino - R3 Pin Sequence

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  • Move your Arduino! VNH5019 Motor Shield makes you cantrol two high power DC motor with Arduino. Two VNH5019 motor dirver on board can drive motors between 5.5V- 24V and can sustain constant 12A ( instant 30A) current on each motor. It even can give constant 24A (instant 60A) output when two motor outputs are connected parallel to each other.


    This driver also gives feedback of current measuring and can be driven with PWM signal up to 20 kHz, therefore quiter applications can be developed.If pin connections between Arduino are not good for you, you can change pin connections and customize it with jumpers on board. Hence motor driver control pins are located at the left side of the board additionaly, you can operate the driver with other platforms, independent form Arduino.


    • Extensive operating voltage range : 5.5V - 24V
    • High current output : Constant 12A, instant 30A on each motor
    • By connecting motor outputs parallel to each other, current can be drawn as constant 24A, instant 60A.
    • Compatible with 3.3V and 5V systems. Logic high signal starts at 2.1V.
    • PWM input up to 20kHz, 20 kHz'e kadar PWM girişi, since PWM frequency is in the range of supersonic frequency, motor driving applications can be done more quietly.
    • Voltage output is proportinal with current through current measuring feature (140mV/A)
    • Possiblity to do test even when the motors are disconnected through motor display LEDs.
    • It can be used with Arduino and other microconrollers.
    • When used as shield it can be operated with Arduino through motor power input.
    • Changeable Arduino control pins.
    • Easy to control on Arduino with VNH5019 Library.
    • Detailed Users's Manual
    • Dimensions : 6,5x5,13x0,96cm
    • Extended protection features:

    -Input protection up to instant 41V

    -Extra low and extra high voltage protection

    -Extra low and extra high temperature protection

    -Reverse voltage protection

    P.S: Product inclueds all necessary headres and terminals without soldering.

    P.S: For non shield version of VNH5019 motor driver, check VNH5019 Motor Driver


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