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dnyARDUINO - Educational Kit for Arduino

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  • dnyARDUINO - Educational Kit for Arduino

    dnyARDUINO is an educational set that can be easily experimented by those who want to develop projects with the open source platform. There are many application modules such as 2x16 character LCD, 5110 LCD Screen, Bluetooth, Internet Module, Relay Module, Universal motor driver, Smart RGB LED, Buzzer, BreadBoard, + 5V and + 3.3V Power Supply, Buttons and Potentiometers on the dnyARDUINO. You can use these modules independently or combine them. You can connect the outputs of the relevant modules directly to the port you want on the Arduino UNO without any cable mess.

    Thanks to the Bread Board on it, you can easily adapt your special sensors or components you want to use in your project with dnyARDUINO and start using them immediately.

    What's on the dnyARDUINO Card?

    • 5110 LCD Screen
    • 2x16 Character LCD
    • HC-06 Bluetooth Module
    • ESP8266 Internet Module
    • DHT11 Temperature Sensor
    • Relay Module
    • Buttons
    • Keys
    • JoytSTICK
    • Light Sensor
    • Distance Sensor (HC-SR04)
    • Motorcycle driver
    • 400Pin Bread Board
    • Potentiometer
    • LED (Blue, Red & Yellow, Green)
    • RGB LED
    • Buzzer

    What's in the dnyARDUINO Set?

    • DnyADRUINO Main Board
    • Arduino UNO
    • SG90 Mini Servo Motor
    • 5110 Screen
    • 2x16 LCD Screen
    • HC06 Bluetooth Module
    • ESP8266 Internet Module
    • DHT11 Temperature Humidity Sensor
    • LDR Light Sensor
    • HC-sr04 Distance Sensor
    • 50cm Mini USB Cable
    • 9V Battery Connection Cable
    • 40 Male - Male Jumper Cable
    • Storage Box
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