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Dagu Wild Thumper 4WD All-Terrain Chassis, Silver (75:1)

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  • This rugged, 4-wheel-drive chassis from Dagu Electronics has independent suspension for each of its spiked 120mm-diameter wheels, allowing exceptional traction over uneven terrain, and its body is made from 2mm-thick anodized aluminum with a 10mm-pitch grid of 4mm holes, making it easy to mount electronics and accessories to the chassis. Assembly of the chassis is a simple three-step process that takes just minutes. This model is black with chrome-colored hubs and has 75:1 25 mm reduction gear DC motors.

    Product Includes:

    • Robot Frame
    • 4 pcs Motor
    • 4 pcs wheels
    • Mounting equipment

    You need to buy controller board and motor driver seperately.

    These motors can reach up to 3 km/h when they are supplied by 7.2 V NiMH battery and and each motor has a stall torque of roughly 5 kg-cm (70 oz-in). Two compartments in the chassis has been designed to hold 7.2 V NiMH battery packs that are commonly used in RC cars. The interior of the chassis also features convenient screw terminals for connecting your battery and motor driver leads.

    The motors are intended for a maximum nominal operating voltage of 7.2 V (2V minimum), and each has a stall current of 6.6 A and a no-load current of 420 mA at 7.2 V. This value can reach up to 18 A when it is changing its direction or stopped. We strongly recomend to use drivers can supply at least 20 A for each channel.


    • Size: 280 × 300 × 130 mm (11" × 12" × 5")
    • Weight: 1.9 kg (4.1 lb)
    • Ground clearance: 60 mm (2.5") when lightly loaded
    • Recommended motor voltage: 2 – 7.5 V
    • Stall current at 7.2 V: 6.6 A per motor
    • No-load current at 7.2 V: 420 mA per motor
    • No-load output shaft speed at 7.2 V:

    -160 RPM for the version with 75:1 gearboxes

    • Stall torque at 7.2 V:

    -11 kg-cm (160 oz-in) per motor for the version with 75:1 gearboxes

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