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Adafruit ESP8266 Board

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  • ESP8266 Board is produced by Adafruit and using popular ESP8266 IoT modul. This board is a breakout board and compatible with breadboard. So many components are available which can make easier using modul:

    • Reset button
    • User button, also can be used for pass to bootloader mod.
    • Red LED for blink implementations
    • Logic level converters at UART and reset pins
    • Regulator which can provide 3.3V 500mA
    • Diode protected input for USB and battery

    On board two lines headers are compatible with breadboard and provides access to connections which are shown in below:
    • 1 analog input (maximum 1.8V)
    • 9 GPO pins (3.3V logic level), can be used for I2C and SPI
    • 2 UART pins
    • 2 3-12V voltage input, reset, enable, LDO-disable and 3.3V output inputs

    FTDI compatible UART output is available on board. If you make connections from here, you can make programming and firmware updates. Board is sent as NodeMCU 0.9.5 loaded.

    Header pins of board are sent as solderless. Also you will need USB-serial converter modul or cable to program this board.

    Dimensions: 25mm x 38mm x 5mm

    Weight: 5gr


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