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Creality 3D
Without Vat
5,660.60 TL
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5,491.22 TL
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  • The CREALITY 3D CR-10 S4 is capable of a larger print area than standard printers. The CREALITY 3D CR-10 S4 printer provides high quality printouts.

    CREALITY 3D CR-10 S4 Printer overcomes your model's problem of power failure when power is lost. During printing, it will be possible to start the operations in memory by pressing this memory with instant memory interruptions.

    The double-sided levers on the Z-axis are seen rarely in z-axis stretching compared to other printers.

    The filament tracking sensor on the CREALITY3D CR-10 S4 Printer prevents the interrupting of the models by intercepting the finished filament and interrupting the replacement.

    CREALITY 3D CR-10 S4 Printer installation takes only 5 minutes. At the same time, you can travel easily with the CREALITY 3D CR-10 S4 printer which can be disassembled.

    The CREALITY 3D CR-10 S4 which has smooth movement and wear-resistant linear vprofil pulley system, minimizes the noise during printing.

    The improved MK10 Extrusion Mechanism will allow you to change your filament without having to wear, clog or strain.

    Technical specifications:

    • Printing Technology: FDM
    • Printing Area 400 * 400 * 400
    • Net Weight: 11.5kg
    • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
    • Compatible Operating Systems: Windows (XP, Vista, 8, 8.1, 10) / Linux
    • Slicer Programs: Cura / simplify3D / Repetier-host
    • Print Format: Stl / obj / g-code
    • Printing Speed: Standard 60mm / s, Maximum 100mm / s
    • Filament Thickness: 1.75mm
    • Supported Filaments: PLA / ABS / TPU / WOOD / carbon fiber / Copper
    • Supply Voltage: 110v-220v,
    • Output Voltage 12V,
    • Total Power 270 W

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