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Bipolar NEMA 17 200 Step 42x38mm 2.8V Step Motor

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  • You can do your location control applications with easy to use NEMA serie's bipolar step motors, set motor revolution with step motor driver cards.

    Technical Features:

    - Operating Voltage: 2.8V (can be controlled on the wanted voltage with a driver)

    - Drawned Current on Each Phase: 1700mA @2.8V

    - Phase Resistor Value: 1.65 Ohm

    - Phase Inductor Value: 3.2 mH

    - Step Angle: 1.8°

    - Step Number on Each Tour: 200

    - Holding Torque: 3.7 kg-cm

    - Sizes: 42.3x42.3x38mm (NEMA 17)

    - Motor Shaft Thickness: 5mm

    - Cable Lenght: 30cm

    - Weight: 285g

    Step motor SOYO code: SY42STH38-1684A


    Sizes on diagram are mm. Shown part with "Lenght" is 38mm. Motor shaft is 21mm, shaft thickness is 5mm. Shaft is turned into D shaft by shaving the shaft for 0.5mm.

    You can use the motor easily in your applications just by connecting 5mm hub to its shaft.

    Motor's connection according to cable colours; BLK: Black, GRN: Green, RED: RED, BLU: BLUE.

    Step motor's inside image.

    Step Motor Applications:

    Step motors can be used in many applications which the location control is important.


    -CNC machines

    -3D printers & prototyping machines

    -Laser cutters

    -Hold and place machines

    -Linear actuators

    -Hard discs

    Pololu bipolar step motors; form left to right; 20x30, 28x32, 28x45, 35x26, 35x28, 35x36 mm.

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