Arduino NANO Starter Kit - An Open-Source Kit for Learning Scratch

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  • Scratch is a free visual programming language devoloped to help simplify the process of creating and programming animations, games, music and more. The Scratch Programming Language is primarily targeted at children ages eight and older.

    This kit combines Arduino and Scratch Programming Language. You can use the data readed from sensors through Arduino, to make applications via programming it with Scratch.
    Through the 328 controller board and SCRATCH interface; you can use resistors, buttons, fotoresistor, microphone module by combining S4A software. Also you can learn various resistor values from Arduino and you can input or read values on Scratch software. In this way you can make different and effective works.
    • Arduino NANO Development Board
    • SCRATCH Interface
    • USB Cable (Nano Cable)
    • Acrylic Board (9.5cm*5.5cm)
    • Crocodile Cable
    • Box Dimensions: 14.5*8.8*4cm
    Documents & Useful Links:
    In the page which example link directs, you can see the project's Scratch code by clicking the "Look Inside" button that placed at top-right corner.
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