AllPixel Power Tap Kit

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  • The PowerTap is tiny accessory board for simplifying the hookup of power on long runs of LEDs. Due to voltage drops over long strips, it is recommended to inject power every 5m or 5A, whichever comes first. With the PowerTap, you can build in a quick connect/disconnect power port in between your sections of LEDs. Very basic soldering skills required to assemble the board.

    The board has 2.1mm DC barrel jack on it for input of 5-12V and max 5A adapters. The board's input and output pins are in 0.1” spacing screw terminal form. Data, Clock, and Ground are carried along to the other side while power is only sent to the output terminal to the next section of LEDs. The board has a 1000uF capacitor for smoothing out power fluctuations.
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