2.8" Arduino Touchscreen LCD Shield

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  • It is a touchscreen monitor shield which can be use with many Arduino models ( such as UNO and Leonardo) with resistive 320x240 resolution.With its inner controller it has the ability of sensing more precision touches from analog inputs. It has Micro SD card slot. Hereby you can display images in your micro SD card on monitor easily. Monitor communicates with Arduino through SPI interface. Back lighting can be programmed.

    • LCD type: TFT
    • Interface: SPI
    • LCD controller: HX8347D
    • Touchscreen monitor type: Resistive
    • Touchscreen monitor controller: XPT2046
    • Colour: RGB 65K
    • Resolution: 320x240 pixel
    • Monitor dimensions: 57.6mm×43.2mm
    • Outer dimensions: 73.3mm×55.3mm
    • Signal level: 3.3V/5V
    Arduino Pin Connections:
    • D3: TP_IRQ: Toucscreen panel interrupt
    • D4: TP_CS: Touchscreen panel chip select
    • D5: SD_CS: Micro SD chip select
    • D7: LCD_DC: LCD data/command select
    • D9: LCD_BL: LCD back lighting
    • D10: LCD_CS: LCD chip select
    • D11: MOSI: SPI data input
    • D12: MISO: SPI data output
    • D13: SCLK: SPI clock
    Shield Type
    Genuine or Clone
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