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12V 37mm 100 Rpm 100:1 DC Gearmotor with Encoder

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  • This motor has 100:1 reduction rate and 100Rpm at 12V. Through encoder, which is at back side of the motor, you can icrease rpm and turning speed. Motor shaft output is 6mm D shaft. No load motor draws 200mA current. Stall torque is 34kg/cm.

    Usage of Encoder:

    Encoders are used at motor systems and give turning speed of motor data to user. You can use these for learn rpm of motor in a limited time or at mapping systems. Internal encoder has 64 CPR resolution. Motor gear rate is 102.083:1, so when motor completed a tour, encoder sends 6533 pulse totally.

    Motor Connections :

    • Black: Motor Power
    • Red: Motor Power
    • Blue : Vcc(Supply) Voltage of Encoder (3.5V-20V)
    • Green : GND(Ground) Cable of Encoder
    • Yellow: A channel output of sensor
    • White : B channel output of sensor

    Hall effect sensors can work between 3.5V-20V. Draws 10mA current. A and B outputs are 90° phase divided square waves. Frequency of passages gives motor speed data to you. Sensor connection cables are extracted. You can see A and B outputs from osiloscop screen:

    Click to examine this motor without encoder.

    Reduction Rateı Speed(12V) Stall Torque (12V) Stall Current (12V) With encoder Encoderless
    19:1 500 Rpm 5 kg/cm 5 A - 37Dx52L
    29:1 350 Rpm 8 kg/cm 5 A - 37Dx52L
    50:1 200 Rpm 12 kg/cm 5 A - 37Dx54L
    67:1 150 Rpm 14 kg/cm 5 A - 37Dx54L
    100:1 100 Rpm 16 kg/cm 5 A - 37Dx57L
    131:1 80 Rpm 18 kg/cm 5 A 37Dx52L 37Dx57L

    These motors can work with 1V, but 12V is recommended operation voltage.

    Through 6 M3 screw montage holes which are at the front side of the motor, you can immobilize your motor as you widh.You can use 37D Metal Motor Grippers too.These grippers are compatible with motor.

    You can view technical drawing of motor in below. Reduction dimension which is shown as X, is 22mm for 19:1 and 29:1 motors, 24mm for 50:1 and 67:1 and 26,5mm for 100:1 and 131:12 motors.

    12 v 37 mm 100 rpm enkoderli 100:1 redüktörlü dc motor boyutları

    Features :

    • Dimensions : 37Dx72,5L
    • Weight : 210 gr
    • Shaft diameter: 6mm
    • Reduction rate : 100:1
    • Speed (12V) : 100 Rpm
    • No load current(12V) : 200 mA
    • Stall Current(12V) : 5.5 A
    • Stall Torque (12V) : 34 kg/cm
    • 64 CPR Encoder
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