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12V 25mm 10,200 Rpm High Powered Gearless DC Motor with Encoder

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  • This motor is a gearless and with encoder version of 12V 25mm high powered motors. Compatible with internal 25mm pinion gear. So, if your gearmotor has broken and reductor of this motor is solid, you can change it with this product. Motor has 48 CPR encoder.

    Technical Features:
    • Operation Voltage: 12V
    • Speed: 10200 Rpm
    • No load current: 150mA
    • Stall Current: 5.6A
    • Stall Torque: 0.4 kg- cm
    • Pinion Gear Features:

    -Metric Module = M0.4
    -Gear number: 12T
    -Face thickness: 2.5mm
    -Pressure angle: 20°
    -Gear position: 45 cm from top of the motor to top of the gear

    Encoder Connections:
    • Red: Motor + point
    • Black: Motor - point
    • Green: Encoder GND
    • Blue: Encoder Vcc (3.5-20V)
    • Yellow: Encoder A output
    • White: Encoder B output

    Usage of Encoder:
    Magnetic hall sensor needs voltage between 3.5V - 20V and draws approximately 10mA. There is 90° square wave phase difference between A and B outputs at 0-Vcc level. Freqency of these waves specify speed of the motor, permutation of these waves specify turning direction. Through number of falling and rising edge of A and B outputs, 48 pulse is received at a full tour of motor shaft.

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