100mm Aluminum Mecanum Wheel Set (2 right and 2 left)

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Nexus Robot
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  • The set of 100mm (4 inch)Mecanum wheel includes 2 right wheels and 2 left wheels.Each wheel is comprised of 9 rollers.It is driven independently.Mecanum wheel can be capable of moving in any direction,no need to change the directions the wheel spin.Every of the four wheels contain a series of rollers which have an axis of rotation at 45° to the plane of the wheel in a plane parallel to the axis of rotation of the wheel attached to its circumference.


    • Number of wheels:4
    • Diameter of each wheel:4 inches(100mm)
    • Width of each wheel:50m
    • Number of Rollers each wheel:9
    • Number of Plates each wheel:2
    • Body material: Aluminum alloy
    • Roller material: PP+PE
    • Spacer Material: Nylon
    • Length of roller:19mm
    • Net weight:400g X 4

    Compatible Hubs:

    6mm Hub 18007

    8mm Hub 18008

    10mm Hub 18009

    12mm Hub 18010

    16mm Hub 18012

    12mm Key Hub 18017

    8mm Key Hub 18024

    16mm Key Hub 18026

    10mm Key Hub 18025

    10mm Stainless Steel Key Hub...

    12mm Stainless Steel Key Hub...

    Roller Type
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