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100 mm Double Plastic Omni Whells

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Nexus Robot
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  • The 100mm Double Plastic Omni Wheel is a robust, durable and double
    row wheel that provides easy 360° movement, with rotational and sideways maneuverability. It includes 10 rubber rollers, the rollers are mounted along its circumstance and the rubber rollers to avoid slip. There are universal 4 mm and 6 mm bodies for easy mountage. You can fix the wheel easily by using these.

    You will not need an onther extra mechanical part for sharp bends. You can move freely your robots with a few omni wheels. Additionally it is more durable then the other omni wheels as its aluminum alloy body and 20 kg capacity of load.

    100 mm Omni Wheels have double plastic body. These bodies are compatible with nearly all the motors.


    • Number of Plates:2
    • Number of Rollers:18
    • Number of Screw Holes:12
    • Diameter : 100mm
    • Plate material : Nylon
    • Axial width : 16mm
    • Roller material : Rubber
    • Roller diameter 19mm
    • Roller axle : Bearing roller
    • Roller bearing : Brass Tube
    • Net weight : 290g
    • Load capacity : 20 kg


    • 6mm universal
    • 8mm universal
    • 10mm universal
    • 12mm universal

    Body material
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