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USB 2 Serial Converter
  • USB 2 Serial Converter
  • USB 2 Serial Converter

USB 2 Serial Converter

Product Code : 11689 Brand / Origin :  Arduino
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Price: 13,26 USD
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USB-Serial Converter Board placed at Convertert part of Arduino Uno. Atmega 8U2 IC is available on this board. This board can be used for provide communication between computer and boards like Arduino Mini, Arduino Ethernet or microcontrollers. 8U2 IC uses standard USB-COM port for communication at Lİnux and Mac operating systems. For Windows operating system, a small is .inf file is required.

Mini USB socket, RX, TX, 5V, Reset and GND pins are avaiable on this converter board.

RX, TX and power status LEDs are available.RX, TX ve güç durumunu belirten ledler mevcuttur.
You can use this board with Arduino Ethernet, Mini, Mini Pro, Lilypad and Fio.

A current limitation is available on the board for 500ma and above currents. This limiter inhibits overcurrent at situations like short circuit. Through this, your computer will be protected.

  • ATmega 8U2 IC is available on board.
  • Automatical reset feature is available after compile.
  • Compatible with Standard FTDI Boards. (Like Adafruit and Sparkfun FTDI Boards)
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