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Tinylab Maker Kit
  • Tinylab Maker Kit
  • Tinylab Maker Kit
  • Tinylab Maker Kit
  • Tinylab Maker Kit

Tinylab Maker Kit

Product Code : 16333 Brand / Origin :  TinyLab
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Tinylab is an open source electronic lab which contains lots of things you usually use when prototyping something. There is an Arduino at the heart of board. The board includes components, modules, circuits to ease prototyping. All of them are ready to use with simple Arduino codes. It is a simple and tidy way to get started with programming your idea and hardware prototyping with the Arduino programming language.

Combine all this thing and make your own recipe easily. All of the things are onboard excluding wireless features. They are attachable modules. There are sockets for them on board. Is there a need to communicate something, just attach and code it! All the other things the board doesn't include, there is a tiny breadboard. Disable the connection of pins of onboard Arduino you need, connect them with jumper cables to the breadboard and rock'n roll.

Maker Kit Includes:

  • TinyLab
  • USB Cable (USB-B type)
  • DC adapter
  • 1 pc. 9V battery cable


TinyLab - Tinylab IoT Kit Tinylab IoT Kit 89,00 USD
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