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Netduino Plus 2
  • Netduino Plus 2
  • Netduino Plus 2
  • Netduino Plus 2
  • Netduino Plus 2
  • Netduino Plus 2

Netduino Plus 2

Product Code : 15174 Brand / Origin :  Netduino
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Price: 76,00 USD
In Stock : 0 Approximate Arrival Date: 23.02.2016

Netduino Plus 2 development board based on .NET Micro Framework and has 32-bit ARM processor. Board has 168MHz clock speed, 384KB program memory and 100KB+ RAM memory. Also there are 4 piece serial port, 6 piece PWM out and 12-bit ADC on board.

Technical Features:
  • STMicro 32-bit microcontroller
  • 168MHz Cortex-M4 core
  • Program memory: 384KB
  • RAM: 100+ KB
  • 10 Mbps Ethernet
  • SD card support up to 2GB
  • Input voltage: 7.5-9V DC or USB
  • 25mA current per I/O pin
  • 3.3V voltage per I/O pin(5v can be used too)
Netduino - Netduino 2 Netduino 2 54,60 USD
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