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4D Programmer Cable - USB to TTL

4D Programmer Cable - USB to TTL

Product Code : 13463 Brand / Origin :  4D Systems
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Price: 26,33 USD
In Stock : 5
4D Programmer Cable, converts USB cable to TTL UART cable. Uses USB signals and protocols and includes Serial URAT bridge IC Silabs CP2102 USB which is used at uUSB-MB5 module. This cable provides fast connection at all circuits which requires from TTL to USB serial level interface. Also, this cable is a irreplacable hardware tool for programming GOLDELOX and PICASO processors whşch is embedded a lot of 4D Module and download PMMC file and 4DGL user code.
Product Features:
  • Compatible with USB 2.0, max. 12Mbps at full speed.
  • Supports hardware or Xon/Xoff; 1Mbps 300bps.
  • UART 5-8 bit data,, 1-2 Stop bits, supports single/double inequality.
  • Sanal COM port drivers provides to work with PC implementations.
  • USB operation temperature range, -40°C ~85°C
  • Length is 1m.
  • Compatible with RoHS.

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